Our Experience

MoginRubin attorneys have decades of combined experience, developed over hundreds of successfully litigated competition and securities law cases across multiple industries. We are often selected as Lead or Liaison counsel, and serve on Steering and Executive committees charged with the overall responsibility for direction of complex Multi-District Litigation and Judicial Council Coordination Proceedings.

Our merger and competition policy advocacy practice handles cutting-edge legal and economic issues facing governmental agencies, market participants, merging parties, and NGOs navigating complex competition law  matters. Our experience litigating includes engagements across diverse sectors of the economy, such as durable goods, consumer products, wholesale/distribution, retail, IT, finance, real estate, IP, telecommunications, electronic voting, credit reporting, entertainment, HVAC, materials, chemicals, food and beverage, and more.

For over thirty years, MoginRubin attorneys have engaged in cutting edge securities litigation. We serve private equity and venture capital funds, their executives, portfolio companies, and investors in need of aggressive, high-quality representation. Our experience includes litigating breaches of fiduciary duties, control contests, corporate governance, accounting and reporting disputes, fraud, misrepresentation, and mismanagement claims.

Our clients include:

  • Fortune 1000 companies
  • Forbes 400 individuals
  • Middle market manufacturers
  • Trade associations
  • Private equity and service firms
  • Venture capitalists
  • Investment professionals, start-ups, and entrepreneurs