Unfair Competition

“Unfair competition” laws shield honest companies from abusive conduct by competitors and protect competition based on better prices and products, superior managements and other merits-based factors. “Unfair competition” laws compliment the antitrust laws and can combat discriminatory pricing or false or misleading representations. Unfair competition laws are mainly governed by common law and state laws including Little FTC Acts.

Unfair competition covers an array of behaviors that injure businesses through deceptive or wrongful business practices. Examples include anticompetitive market practices; deceptive trade practices; interference with business relationships; false and misleading advertising; trademark and trade dress infringement; misappropriation of trade secrets; misrepresentation and fraud; defamation and trade libel; domain infringement and cybersquatting.

MoginRubin has extensive experience protecting market participants from unfair competition. We have prosecuted these cases in courtrooms around the country. Our work has achieved multi-million-dollar settlements. Some of our cases include the following.