Daniel J. Mogin highlighted in CHP 11-99 Foundation’s Spring – Summer 2010 Newsletter

Article from the CHP 11-99 Foundation’s Star Spring – Summer 2010 Newsletter

Who knew that a friendship between Bob Weinberg and an up-and-coming, young lawyer that began 25 years ago would help spearhead the largest donation the CHP 11-99 Foundation has ever been graced with?!

On February 26, 2010 The Mogin Law Firm, P.C. held a ceremony in their San Diego office to award $500,000 to the 11-99 Foundation. This donation was part of $40 million in Cy Pres Awards from the settlement fund in the Smokeless Tobacco Case I-IV*.

This blessed February day began wayback when Bob Weinberg was the owner of Coast Grain, the most successful grain company in California at the time. Bob had heard of the winning talents of one, Daniel J. Mogin who was practicing law in Tustin. Dan had a stellar reputation for successfully handling difficult cases that had previously failed.

In 1985, when Dan first met up to interview Bob, an immediate bond was formed! A year later, with Mr. Mogin’s name prominently in the news, Bob sought out his counsel for a private securities litigation. At that time, Dan had the pleasure of getting to know Bob and his outstanding secretary, Becky Centner.

Dan considered Bob to be a most unforgettable character who had such love for life, family, friends and driving his huge white Cadillac along the California highways!

Dan shares that, “It’s no wonder that Bob’s huge heart and passion for the CHP empassioned him to envision the CHP 11-99 Foundation. With the talents of his dedicated secretary, Becky Centner, the Foundation has thrived to this day.”

Even though Bob’s case was Dan Mogin’s very first attempt at Securities litigation, Dan won the suit leading him to specialize in this field of law. Bob Weinberg was at the hub of many significant events that wound up shaping Dan’s legal career.

In 2002, The Mogin Law Firm, P.C. was selected as co-liaison counsel in the class action antitrust lawsuit against U. S. Smokeless Tobacco. During a meeting to decide the list of Cy Pres Awardees, the CHP 11-99 Foundation was mentioned. In remembering Bob’s philanthropy and the Foundation’s first event long ago at the Saddleback Inn in Norwalk, Dan Mogin enthusiastically endorsed this choice and asked his co-counsel if his firm, could have the honor of making the presentation.

What a nostalgic surprise when Dan Mogin saw John Schroeder at that presentation… for they had been buddies in law school and had not seen each other since their graduation 30 years ago!

‘This $500,000 gift will help the CHP 11-99 Foundation continue its mission to support California Highway Patrol personnel in their times of greatest need,” said John Schroeder, CHP 11-99 Chairman. “In addition, the Smokeless Tobacco team of plaintiffs’ lawyers should feel proud that this contribution will directly assist a number of students in starting, continuing or completing their higher education. Many of these students would not be able to continue their education without the assistance of such gifts. The Smokeless Tobacco team of lawyers will forever be remembered by the CHP 11-99 Foundation Board of Directors for the direct benefits conferred on the families of California Highway Patrol employees.”

From the humble beginnings of the CHP 11-99 to now, through the generosity of its donors, like YOU, the11-99 Foundation has provided $18 million to assist CHP families over the last 28 years.

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