EssilorLuxottica Fined $81.2 Million in France for Anti-Competitive Practices

If you are an eyewear customer there is a very good chance you’re also at least an indirect customer of this company. Eyewear giant EssilorLuxottica was fined by France’s competition authority for anti-competitive practices that go back more than a decade. The $81.2 million fine was handed down to Luxottica Group SpA, where Essilor is considered the parent company after they merged with another sunglass maker. Essilor is responsible for at least $15.9 million.


Essilor was working to prevent specific platforms from selling their products, including Essilor and Varilux-branded lenses, a practice the competition authority says helps keep the price of glasses high and limits European consumers’ choices. Essilor plans to appeal the decision, saying their practices were well within the confines of European laws.

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