Lawyers Club San Diego Guest Blog: Fear of Flying or Just Say Yes?

By: Jodie M. Williams

Jodie Williams, counsel for MoginRubin LLP, authored a guest blog for Lawyers Club San Diego, regarding women in the field of Antitrust Law.

Guest Blog: Fear of Flying or Just Say Yes?

In spring 2017, I hosted a podcast for the ABA Section of Antitrust Law entitled, “Women in Antitrust.” I interviewed three outstanding women in the field: Lisa Phelan, Antitrust Division Chief for the Washington Criminal I Section of the Department of Justice; Tianna Russell, a trial attorney working with Ms. Phelan at the Department of Justice; and Kristen Anderson, a partner at Scott + Scott in New York (her firm also has an office in San Diego).
Antitrust is economics-driven and particularly male-dominated, more so than many other areas of law. In the podcast, my guests discussed…To read more, click here.



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