Jennifer Oliver, MoginRubin’s Newest Partner, Offers Advice for Advancement: Dedicate Yourself to the Firm and the Cases


Jennifer Oliver, MoginRubin’s Newest Partner, Offers Advice for Advancement:
Dedicate Yourself to the Firm and the Cases

SAN DIEGO – May 24, 2019 – Attorney Jennifer M. Oliver – who earned an MBA and an information privacy certification in addition to her J.D. – has been promoted to partner at MoginRubin LLP, an national antitrust and competition law boutique based in Washington, D.C. and California, co-founder and managing partner Dan Mogin has announced.

“Jenn has been a delight to work with since the day she started with us. We are proud to have her on our team and her promotion is well-deserved. Not only does she bring expertise in privacy law to our antitrust practice, but she is forward thinking about how we can better serve our clients,” Mogin said. “Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious.”

“It’s a special honor to make partner at a dynamic firm like MoginRubin, where you know how committed the founders are to the practice and how much they have devoted to the firm’s reputation,” Oliver said. “It’s an exciting place to be.”

Asked to reflect on working at MoginRubin, Oliver said large firms and boutiques have their respective advantages and disadvantages. In that way they are no different than any business. Before joining MoginRubin in 2017 Oliver worked at a large New York-based firm with more than 1,000 attorneys at 21 offices around the world, from Beijing to Frankfurt to the Silicon Valley. While she looks back on her nearly 10 years at the big firm as great for her professional development, a stark difference in working for a boutique like MoginRubin is the sense of empowerment – that she is integral to the direction and growth of the practice.

“It’s satisfying to work in an environment that encourages new ideas for growth, from suggesting new types of work or new types of clients to recommending innovative marketing concepts. The recent launch of the MoginRubin blog where we can share insights on cutting-edge areas of antitrust and privacy is just one example. That kind of freedom, and a sense that I have a chance to impact the whole operation, is intensely rewarding,” she said.

“MoginRubin is a unique place to work. It combines the creative energy of a startup with the expertise of an elite antitrust team.” As an example, Oliver was able to incorporate her privacy law expertise into the firm’s antitrust practice, an asset the firm did not have before. It’s a great fit at MoginRubin, since one of the hottest issues in antitrust law involves large corporate control over private information. This positions the firm perfectly at a time when the big tech and social media companies are being scrutinized for their daunting market power.

Advice for Advancement

Now that she has made partner, Oliver was asked what advice she had for associates. “It’s a given that you will do your best work. It’s why you got the job,” she said. “But putting your head down and working hard isn’t enough. You will want to demonstrate an interest in the success of the firm overall. That can mean actively engaging in marketing initiatives, or proposing ideas for business or client development. Think creatively about the future of the firm and its strategic direction. Become known for the value you bring to the whole, while continuing to deliver your best work. Not only will partners notice this, but you may also find your job even more rewarding.”

These efforts are especially important for women, Oliver said. While she personally never felt passed over for work or opportunities, she said the gender-based gaps in the legal profession are a continuing problem. Oliver says female lawyers, like any professionals, continue to face the challenge of navigating family and work responsibilities. When women see less case work coming their way and their chances for promotion dwindle, some will take in-house positions or attempt to go part-time.

“Demonstrating your sincere interest in the future of the firm is even more critical for women in law,” she said. “And don’t be afraid to promote yourself and your ideas. MoginRubin is an excellent example of a law firm that values women.”

Becoming a Lawyer

“The practice of law is not for everybody,” Oliver said, “and I don’t recommend going to law school as a way to defer your career choice, especially with such high tuitions. But students should know that there are a wide variety of positions where you can put a law degree to work that don’t remotely resemble Law & Order – many of which don’t involve setting foot in a courtroom or working at a large firm. Many J.D.s go on to have solo practices, or practice family law. They can represent injured plaintiffs or defend businesses. They can work for judges or solely focus on business transactions. Some go into government or even journalism.”

“Having said that,” Oliver continued, “I highly recommend practicing law for people who have an honest interest in it. It’s an exciting time to do it, too, with so many new and interesting practices, such as cannabis law and privacy law. And antitrust law, our focus, is exciting. It’s now at the center of a national conversation, particularly in the Big Tech arena where companies are being challenged for taking advantage of their dominant positions in the global marketplace.”


Oliver’s clients have been Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing, transportation, financial, chemical, and media and entertainment sectors She is a strong advocate for pro bono work, and has been an active volunteer with the Junior League since 2015, where she helps spearhead initiatives to improve the lives of transition age foster youth in San Diego.

Oliver earned her B.S. (Business Administration), M.B.A., and J.D. degrees from the University at Buffalo, each with honors, where she also served as the Vice President of the undergraduate student body and was an editor of the Buffalo Law Review and Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal. She is an IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional. She has lived and worked in Tokyo, where she studied international law and worked as a clerk at one of Japan’s largest law firms. Jennifer was recently awarded with the 2018 International Advisory Experts Award for Complex Business Litigation in California.


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