Vista clinic names exam room for Mogin, Lawson

Daniel J. Mogin, managing partner of The Mogin Law Firm PC, and public health care nurse Julie Lawson have been recognized for their support of the Vista Community Clinic with the dedication of the “Mogin-Lawson Family Examination Room.”

Vista Community Clinic opened its new 12,000-square-foot primary care facility (134 Grapevine Road) Aug. 27.

Mogin and Lawson’s support for the clinic goes back to 1998, when Lawson served as a class representative in the California vitamin cases. The cases alleged there had been a multi-year international cartel operating in virtually every aspect of the market for bulk vitamins that were used in many human and animal nutrition products, as well as in cosmetics, drugs and other products.

Cases were filed worldwide by governments and market participants. In California, Mogin prosecuted a case for indirect purchasers that included both businesses and consumers. The settlement provided approximately $50 million that was distributed cy pres to various organizations around the state.

The Vista Community Clinic was awarded $713,579 over two years for prevention and treatment of nutrition-related conditions and diseases in low income, uninsured consumers in North San Diego County.

Since then The Mogin Law Firm has directed another $59,000 of cy pres funds from other cases to the Vista Community Clinic.

Lawson, who has worked with the indigent population and medically fragile children for more than 15 years, said her passion is health through diet, exercise and proper supplements.

“Many poor people have health problems due to their diets, which consist of inexpensive prepackaged food,” she said. “This food is high in fat, empty calories and has limited nutrition. Supplementation can many times assist in better nutritional outcomes. When we received the award in the vitamin cases, I was in charge (of) finding organizations that worked with vitamins in research and/or distribution. There was no better place than Vista Community Clinic.”

The Mogin-Lawson Family Examination Room is one of 21 examination rooms at the new Vista Community Clinic. The $6 million facility replaces a smaller, inadequate, leased facility on Thunder Drive and effectively doubles service at the branch to 16,000 patients in 50,000 visits annually. The Grapevine facility will expand pediatrics, family practice and obstetrics services, as well as access to laboratory, pharmacy and health education programs.

“We are very happy to have had the generous support from Dan Mogin and Julie Lawson over the years,” said Barbara Mannino, Vista Community Clinic’s CEO. “They have played a major role in ensuring that today we have a new facility that will service our community for many years to come.”

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